Backgammon Board



As discussed in this thread: Laser Cut Board Games, I’m working on a backgammon board. I’m far enough into it that I can share the initial design screenshots.

Like a lot of my artwork, it has tall buildings in it.

I’m very curious to know how well the GF will be able to cut the small pieces. The board itself will be about 12" tall (so bigger than the image). I put a LOT of details into this one, just to test the GF capabilities.

There’s still some designing to do on this. I still have to put in slots to hold all the game pieces and dice (on each end). I have to design the game pieces. I’m thinking of making them little aliens and ships rather than just round pieces. I want this board to fold in two, so I need to find some good hinges, and figure out how to attach them. It’s getting there. I should have something to cut once the GF arrives (unless it arrives early…hint, hint).

I will not share the design for this one for free (like my other designs in the Free Laser Designs category I want to try this one out myself first, and if it works well, I’ll probably put the design on the GF store once it’s online.


Yessir, I’d buy that in a New York minute. :smile:

If i could afford it, which from seeing some of your other work, i highly doubt. Chuckle!

Great job!


Very nice! I like the bamboo!
One of the first projects will be to remake a backgammon board I have played on since the '70’s.
Reusing the wooden frame that is padded on the outside and wrapped in " naugahyde" with felt inside.

Thee new one will be wrapped in leather with leather inlay on the inside.


I love it!!! I am so obsessed with all your buildings haha.


Love the design… Have you checked out Lee Valley’s barrel hinges?


I had not checked out any hinges yet. I think those barrel hinges would work very well, and I could cut the holes for them using the laser. Thanks for pointing them out to me!


Holy cow, that thing looks awesome!

Spaceships for game pieces, that’s great! :smiley:

How many kinds of wood are in there?


Wow, that is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the game pieces. Little cars? Horses? Trolley cars? People?




People vs. giant apes?


Very nice! I like your creative interpretation. I’m still fine tuning the chess board that will be one of my first projects.


That board is gorgeous! I haven’t played Backgammon in years, but this board just begs, “PLAY ME! PLAY ME NOW!”


I was on holiday last week and went to a large craft fair (filberg festival) where one of the busiest vendors was selling laser etched board games. I’m pretty sure it was this company.


Beautiful design. Can’t wait to see pictures of it it when you make it.
You have one sale right here once you put the plans on the store.
Great work.


I second @morganstanfield, it’s gorgeous!


I can imagine some of the bigger cities being able to have bespoke backgammon boards with important architectural landmarks standing for the points.



Nick and Shell have been doing some amazing things with hinges that are entirely laser cut - there are neat options there too.


I’d love to see more!


Love your design! I’ve been thinking about backgammon boards recently as well since I just made some futuristic-themed dice… One “downside” is that they are actually 14-sided and do land with a blank side up ~50% of the time but this can actually change backgammon in a pretty interesting way if you consider those rolls as “0”.


Love the dice! Very cool and groovy. Fantastic.