Backpack friendly folding dice tower


All of the dice tower designs I have seen so far got me inspired to create a backpack friendly version. It folds down to about 1 1/2 inches tall.

Still need to tweak the tab widths to make the tray press fit but the tower part is pretty much there. The magnets are 1/8 x 1/16
Here’s the SVG. Enjoy!


Nice work. What materials did you use?


PG Medium Walnut Plywood, PG Medium Draftboard works pretty well too.


You got good grain out of that walnut. Nice piece.

And the liner?


Turned out really nice! Thank you for sharing your file … I’m sure it will be enjoyed by many!


Cool! Scale it up and you’ve got a Murphy bed!


Very nice piece. Thank you for sharing.


The liner is self adhesive suade I found on Amazon. I’m not sure if I like it though, it’s very grippy so the dice stop about half way to the end.


Tandy makes good inexpensive suede, you might want to check it out for future projects. They sometimes have it on sale for $20 for a side. Check out their “super softy” suede. Nope the super softy is more expensive. You’d want their pigskin splits, they come in bright colors.

It’s “low pile” if that makes sense. It isn’t too grippy. You’d need to get contact cement to go with it, it’s really easy to glue liners in trays and boxes.


I think Murphy has a law about that, and the scales would itch terribly.


Thanks for the link! I’ll have to check that site out. Looks like a good place for leather supplies.


Oh yeah Tandy is quite a place to browse if you have a location nearby. Also if you search the forums for Tandy you’ll find a bunch of stuff about people’s leather projects and sourcing.