Backpack friendly folding dice tower

@thomas.stephens thank you so much for sharing!! I am going to print it for my son’s birthday this week. What are the magnets for? Are the 4 green circles to be etched or cut? Is that where the magnets go?


Yup the green circles are for the magnets. I engrave 2 to 3 times to get the depth correct depending on the material.

Super, thanks!


Thank you again for sharing your design! My son is going to love it


That looks fabulous, especially with the “stone” leather :slight_smile:

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Very nice! I like the ‘dragon hide’ liner!

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Here’s my print, pre-lining. (The interior is going to be covered in adhesive-backed felt.) I haven’t decided if I’ll stain it or not… could be fun to do some color to go with the phoenix design, but I don’t know how well the maple ply takes stain. I may experiment on some scrap wood and see how it looks.

Thanks for sharing the pattern!



Since it’s already stained and sealed, re-staining can be challenging.

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What would be the best way to modify the file to use 1/4" plywood?

Thank you.

Edit the source file and adjust the tabs/notches to accomodate the thicker material.

@arthsia as @eflyguy says you’d need to adjust all of the notches and tab slots to accommodate the thicker material. That said, 1/4 would be overkill for this project and may prevent larger dice from fitting down the chute.

If you measure what it is (x) and then measure what you are using (y) find y/x and scale the entire design by that much. Change what you want so it will fit on the Glowforge.

I did that with the Snap and Store Box and liked it better as bigger, YMMV

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