Bad Calibration after replacing pulley wheel

We recently had the pulley wheel break on us mid print causing the belt to fall off. We finally got a replacement wheel (not from Glowforge based on timing) and got it back up and running but engraves look out of focus and cuts are not accurate. We tried to run a calibration to correct it and the engrave for the calibration is way off and flattened on the sides of all the logos. We haven’t successfully received any feedback from support after two submitted cases on Thursday last week.

Has anyone had this issue and if so, what were the troubleshooting steps after replacing the pulley wheel? Do we potentially need to replace the belt as well?

Thanks for any help.

I would suggest a pulley wheel if you can get a Glowforge designed one and I would also look closely at the others. If you email photos of the pulleys and belt to support they may have other suggestions.


You may not need to replace the belt, but you need to make sure that the tension is correct.


thanks for this! seems to be doing the trick.

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