Bad customer service

I should be a happy Glowforge owner instead I have purchase nothing but aggravation. My Glowforge was delayed in manufacturing, then delayed in delivery, which I took day off . The second day off to receive delivery was a great disappointment? Box was damaged and when opening the box I had a broken Glowforge! What makes all this worse is that the customer support and response (only through emails) has been very unprofessional. I am finding it to be hard to come back from this! I hope that someone from management sees this and responds to me with more than I’m sorry. I imagine that I will have to wait for another 5 weeks to even see another Glowforge.
I hope this is a one only case and all you other Glowforge owners don’t have an issue in future with customer service.
I am very unhappy!!!

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Brian, that is so disappointing!
I have read that UPS is doing a number on some folks machines. I received mine today too. It was out in the driveway sitting in the wind on its side with the “Fragile, this side up” clearly pointing in the wrong direction. We unboxed and everything looks okay but box number two is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Hopefully we find out we are okay then.

I am on a couple of Facebook groups and I saw where someone posted a similar situation and one of the commenters said the same had happened to them. But Glowforge has another machine to them in a week. Hope that happens for you!


For the amount of money that we pay you think the glowforge would be sent first class!!?
I am guessing I have to bring this to a local shipping company to send it back?
All the delays and inconvenience you think they would respond faster!
Look for my updates on how I am treated moving forward!

Thanks for the input . Good luck let me know how you make out.

It’s up to you. Easiest way is to get the return shipping label and schedule a pick up.

Sorry that yours was damaged. I’m sure it’s frustrating. Unfortunately, it’s not the first, and won’t be the last. I don’t think packaging has been invented yet that will 100% guarantee delivery on any product.


I just can’t understand why I am waiting for emails to communicate on this issue with customer service? I get faster response here from you! Lol
Let’s see when I get answers on what and when I will get this resolved?
Thanks for reaching out.

Hi @breececonstruction -

I’m horrified to see that this happened to your Glowforge. We’ve already connected regarding this issue, and we’re working with you now directly over email to resolve it. Since we’re chatting there, I’m going to close this thread.