Bad Experience with Glowforge?

So, I’ve had my Glowforge less than a month and I am experiencing a lot of issues with it.

It has started taking forever to center when it comes on, the “preparing phase” has slowed down to taking almost 30 minutes, my button is not lighting up every time I go to use it, and it gets stuck in the “almost done” phase if I can even get anything to happen.

I was wondering if anyone else has ever run into these issues?

I’m just honestly incredibly upset/frustrated that this $6000 machine (plus an additional $1000 for the air filter) is having so many issues within the first month. I honestly hope it’s something that I’m just not grasping and that it’s me, not the machine. I don’t know how big this company is to have an abundance of staff or not, but it’s incredibly frustrating that there is no number to call and I have to wait up to 24 hours to play email tag with a representative.

I would start by eliminating possible problems with the wifi connection. You may have a strong signal to the machine but if the signal back from the machine to the router is weak it can cause some of those issues. Setting up your phone as a mobile hotspot and connecting the machine to that would be a good first test.


You’ve opened a duplicate support ticket by posting here, so they’ll close this thread once they get to it in the queue, but meanwhile I agree with @primal_healer – it’s almost definitely a wifi signal issue. :slight_smile:


Is there any other way to reset the WiFi setting on the machine other than holding the button down for 10 seconds? I’ve tried that and I never get a teal color to pop up.

You don’t need to reset the wifi. You need to find out what’s interfering with the signal.

Think baby monitors, other devices using wifi, furnishings or metal in the path of the signal between the machine and your router, that sort of thing. Sometimes changing the wifi channel it uses can help.

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Thank you! I’ll start looking into that!

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I will likely start sounding like a broken record with this suggestion… I use to have a good bit of wifi issues with my GF. At least I was smart enough to listen to the experts here to know it WAS a wifi issue so I did my best to deal with it. Due to my living situation at the time I couldn’t fix everything but I learned to make the best of it by turning off all the ‘extra’ devices interfering at the time, etc etc etc.

I recently moved and hooked up a new network. I put EVERYTHING in the house on the main network and ONLY my glowforge on the guest network. My glowforge is now working like a dream. Honestly I want to just do a happy jig day in and day out. If at all possible, I would strongly recommend this to anyone now running into wifi issues, even when they swear up and down their issues are not wifi related. Slow uploads, centering, homing, and on and on. Set up your guest network or another network just for your glowforge. You will thank me later.

TL;DR Put your glowforge on a dedicated network such as your guest network with NO other devices! It may eliminate numerous problems.


I’m so sorry for the challenging start with your Glowforge. Thank you for providing detailed information about the trouble you’ve run into. I’ve replied to your email with some additional information and next steps, so I’m going to close this thread.