Bad lens removal tool

Taterforge yesterday was not cutting up to the usual standards, and actually just stopped cutting completely and leaving a wide black engrave instead, so I figured I needed to clean the lens or something.
When I pulled the printhead off however, the lens just dropped out. Oops! Well that must have been it. Drop the lens back in, and use the lens tool to push it in. But then I realized I put the lens in backwards/upside down. Fine, we’ll use the lens removal tool, and flip it the right way. Um, lens isn’t coming out with the tool? Maybe I’m doing something wrong? How does this tool work anyway? I look it up in the manual, and see that the tool is supposed to have a magnetic ring, which pulls the lens out. My tool has no such magnet, it’s just a piece of plastic.

Hoping support can send me a new tool ASAP, since my GF is basically not functional at this point.


I’m wondering if the missing magnet isn’t stuck to the lens…


That’s a possibility, but the result is the same, I can’t remove the lens :frowning:

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Some removal tools were sent assembled with the magnet. Mine was not. Wonder if you never installed the ring?

There were three parts in my removal tool plastic bag. The blue plastic thing in your hand, a silver metal ring (the magnet) and a plastic washer. No idea what the washer was for. I had a little difficulty pushing the magnet ring on the blue plastic holder because it fit very snug.


I don’t remember anything like that alongside it, but I can’t be sure. I did set aside everything the manual said to keep.

I do have some small magnets, maybe I can glue them to an appropriately-sized stick and use that lol


I’m so sorry – we’ll get one in the mail right away and will reply to your email with a tracking number.