BadA** Bunny LED wall hanging

I’m getting more proficient with these LED art pieces and this one took half the time and effort of the first one.

Then there’s moment you sit back to admire your work and realize you forgot to add a hanger on the back :confused::roll_eyes: Hoping I don’t have to take it apart to screw in some suitable hanger, but I’m thinking I’ll have to as it’s kinda heavy and I don’t want to damage any of the LED strip inside. Any suggestions welcome; I want it to sit as flat as possible against the wall and I’m guessing it’s around 7lbs.


Creepiest bunny I’ve ever seen! You do a really nice job on these though. Love the signature on the back too!

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Reminds me of that show with Jake Gyllenhall…what was it? :thinking:

I don’t know how tight the backing board is to the front, but a keyhole cut into the backing board would make it as flush as you can get. You could also get the picture hanging hardware and then place stick-on rubber feet that are just a little more proud than the hardware on the back - that would make it flat against a wall. Not sure if what I’m thinking is coming across.

I think the bunny is absolutely, freakin terrific.


I’m guessing you’re thinking of Donnie Darko? Totally see it! lol


YES! (Could not remember the title but remember getting pretty freaked when I watched it.) :smile:

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