Bag holders

So I had mentioned making these in another category, but want to share them in case someone can use them for their products at craft fairs, etc. There are two different sizes for the two bags I use, but of course you can adjust them to whatever size you need. The lines in the middle are scored , which makes for easy bending of the cardstock.

I preprint my tags on my color printer before cutting them out, hence the placement of the sets so close together. As you can see, I can only make two tags per sheet. I also made myself an 8.5x11" placement marker on a larger piece of draftboard so I can make sure I have my paper in the same spot, marked a couple little lines on the handle of the grid tray so I can place my draftboard in the same spot each time, and spray the draftboard with EasyTack spray. It’s made it really easy to just pull the cardstock up and I don’t even have to move the board at all. I was able to change my item name and price, print out the cardstock on my color printer, put it on the draftboard, and print to cut it out. I did about 40 of them in very short time.

Anyway, hope it’s useful for someone. Lord knows I’ve received a ton of help and designs from others!

small bag holder tab


Could you share a pic of what these are used for?

I’m not quite getting it…


Here you go…


Very nice share, thanks!


Useful for people that sell stuff!


Because I do a lot of “sets” for things like tiered trays or a wagon, I started putting them in bags instead of all the hassle of making cardstock boxes for them. I needed a way to hang them on pegboard. Here’s a pic of a couple of them hanging.

I can also have them in a bin, and the tags just make it easy to see the name of the product.

As you can see, I ran out of cardstock, hence the bags in the box without tags. I ordered 3 reams of 300 pieces each from Amazon, but the first shipment was damaged and they wouldn’t even deliver it, so I had to reorder and it should be here Friday.


Gives a nice finish to your product!


this is so nice. I can’t find where they are, could someone drop the link where they are or where the free is located at? thank you

They are in the original post.


Just to clarify… Right-click on the images and you can download the files.


OH my gosh thank you so much. This will be wonderful

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I’ve found it works very well. Sorry the picture is blurry, but you can see how well they work.



That is fabulous. I so appreciate you sharing.
Thank you

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You are most welcome!