Baltic Birch 1/8 Engraving Help

Hi! Looking for some help with engraving settings. The goal is the Davis ornament and for some reason the center of my design is not being engraved deep enough. The Davis design has been sanded, the other two have not. In addition to the entire design not engraving, if I were to sand to get rid of the burn marks then I would be removing even more. Looking for any suggestions!

When did you last clean the optics? Was your wood masked?


I’ve had the machine for awhile, but it hasn’t really got much use until recently so I haven’t done a proper cleaning yet! I can definitely do so. No, no masking.

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It is hard to tell from your results, but if the file you are using is identical except the name, then something is going to to cause the parts that don’t print in the Snyder one. Try cleaning the optics and making sure that the material is held flat to the honeycomb. I would test print the Snyder file on paper before trying again on expensive material.


What they said, plus adding masking means no need to sand…unless you’re sanding for smoothness in which case that won’t help.

It’s your design 100% black?


Are you entering a manual focus height? Because the focus height of these 3 prints are not the same. All the shapes are fattened in the last one because the focus of the laser beam was quite far from the surface of that wood.


Yes, the focus height is the same for all three. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I had saved the svg in two programs — Silhouette Studio and Adobe Illustrator. The file was created in Silhouette but I was editing the names Illustrator. The SVGs from Illustrator are the ones that were not fully engraving. When I edited names in Silhouette and saved them, they engraved just fine.

I’m not sure what the reasoning for that is, but it’s a solution for now! I appreciate the help and I’m feeling a lot more acquainted with my machine after giving it a good clean. I also followed the suggestion to print on less expensive material for my additional test prints which I will definitely be doing in the future.


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