Bamboo Cutting Board + Logo= Wow 🤩

Been a while since I’ve posted anything, I’m a little more active on my Instagram, so if you would like to follow me there I’ll let ya! Ray’s Prints

Not that I don’t like posting here, I just feel like it’s a little underwhelming not having a huge story involved, and that’s what stops me from posting because I don’t have the motivation to write out the whole story behind my latest projects haha

Anyway, I bought a couple of cheapo bamboo cutting boards from Walmart a few weeks back and they’ve been sitting on death row ever since. I did one search on the forum for some settings, decided “screw it” and went ahead and did my own settings. I didn’t put too much thought into it; figured 1000speed full power at 340lpi would suffice, and so I set the settings for my .285" board and hit print. 38ish mins later new life was put into this decorative cutting board! The settings may have been a bit extreme as the engrave went near an 1/8th" deep, but I don’t actually intend to use the board for more than decoration/example to show off the laser’s capabilities, but I think it came out stellar. I also figured what better design to test with than my personal logo!

Note: I did not mask this, not for lack of trying…the masking I have refused to stick to the board, so again I had a screw it moment and just engraved directly into the bamboo. In hindsight I should have taken a pic of the before as well as the after, but it is what it is. I used 90% isopropyl alcohol and a rag to do the clean up. As you can see it cleaned up well!

Edit: Decided to add a couple more photos, as well as an update on the additions I made!


Great link - the unique gift to the unique thumbprint !
John :upside_down_face:


That’s gorgeous!! I can never get the char to come out like that.


Nice! More fun, but as you said, not a board to use (at least on the etched side).
FYI, I just use an old toothbrush & wash the soot out in my sink for most materials I etch & cut (leathers, usually).

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Good job

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Turned out really nice.

You know … you don’t HAVE to write a big “write-up”. Just a line or two can be fine!


Had same problem with the mask on bamboo cutting boards. Magic eraser works too


I have never been able to mask bamboo, either! Btw, I’m a big fan of “just grip it and rip it” settings…


I don’t mess with the inside of the engrave usually, but the rag and alcohol go a long way. I added the glowforge name and logo and did a before and after of the results. The larger logo had much more residue, but this gives a good idea on what you can get with a little rub a dub dub👍🏽

I imagined going against my better judgement and thought about the results of using the etched side. I can tell you that my mental kitchen ended in chaos and children crying, so I will continue to use this as a display piece :joy:


What I meant to say is getting the darkness. Mine etched pretty clear and doesn’t leave a dark contrast mark, just the etch…

Oooooh, yeah. Right. Well I can tell you a sure fire way is using full power and a higher lpi! May also just be the brand that we’re using is different, so who’s to say.


Wow, it came out fantastic! I’ve heard that bamboo can be a little tough to get through.

Nice job!
It’s pretty amazing how well these inexpensive bamboo cutting boards come out, isn’t it?
As for cleanup, I find it easier to not need to have to. :wink: I mask my boards before I cut 'em and that works great IMHO.

Keep it up!

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What masking are you using, because it seems like you’ve cracked a code! I’m all for masking custom projects, but the masking I have refused to stick to the bamboo.

I just run an orbital sander with 220 grit on it. Fast to cleanup. And then I do a butcher block oil treatment (mineral oil, linseed oil & beeswax mix).

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Thanks! What is the mix for the Butcher block treatment?

When I first got my ‘forge I tried regular ol’ beige masking tape. I got it 2" wide so I could easily mask things. I’ll tell ya, I haven’t met a material that it didn’t work great on! I’ve absolutely used it on bamboo cutting boards of all different brands without any issue.

Yeah, I was just thinking I need a good sander for another project.

I do, too. But not always. Depends on the bamboo for me. I simply bought the pre-made stuff on Amazon.

You can use @Tom_A’s Howard’s recommendation - it’s good stuff but you can make the same for a couple of bucks. Regardless heat it up in the microwave before you apply it. The wood will absorb more.

My formula is 3 cups Mineral Oil (food grade - buy at the drugstore or supermarket) and 8 oz beeswax. Heat it in a saucepan and mix when melted. Pour it in a jar/tub/tin. If you want to use it without heating you may want to drop the beeswax in half so it stays mushier. A 50/50 mix of mineral oil & linseed oil with the beeswax is good for a harder finish but takes longer to fully set.

Both formulas are better than pure mineral oil (which is also in option) because the way/linseed oil hardens where’s mineral oil just evaporates over a long period. Howard’s uses a mix of beeseax & carnuaba wax as their wax component.


Great information, thanks!

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You do this on bamboo cutting boards as well?