Bamboo Material Test - unfocused score

This is a take on someone else’s upload. I added rings around the engrave to see about unfocused scores at various powers. The first line after the % numbers is 0.10" above the material, second is 0.20" above, etc. I may have over complicated it. There are 76 separate score lines in 76 colors. This test was done on 0.32" thick bamboo cutting board from Walmart. I was going for a wider score. The outside ring at full power is about 0.034" wide. Third ring out is about 0.03", and second ring is about 0.025".

(Note to self, if you aren’t 1000% sure that the laser won’t go through, don’t put new PG Medium Draftboard under it. - it went through at the turns, but not all the way through the draftboard.) BUT! What that does tell me is I can CUT Bamboo! (27.1 KB)


Nice test layout! :grinning:

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Great design for a test!

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Comprehensive material template. Excellent. Thanks for the file!

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thanks !!! nice file

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I don’t suppose there’s some way to import the power settings along with the vectors into the GF app?

This is really nice test pattern, but when I dropped it into the app, I had a daunting number of empty power settings to type in.

I don’t think so. I agree it was a little daunting, but the good news is that once you’ve done it, the GFUI will remember it for any material you put in.

Could you use the settings tool add-on to save and share a compiled setting file? Will have to test after lunch.

Sounds like a language I don’t understand. I’d be interested to learn it though.

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This is in this post. I wonder if you can save the settings then share that file for others to use.
Haven’t attempted this yet but seems doable.

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In theory, yes, you can share settings files from my bookmarklet. It’s just a json file.

However, when you import a design, the GF app gives every color setting a different ID, and gives the design a unique ID. I’m 100% sure this id is different for every design uploaded, so two people uploading the same design will end up with different ids.

Since the settings file uses these id’s, it may not work, as the tool tries to “guess” which layer was which when the ids don’t match.

Worth a try though.

Interesting that it wouldn’t use the hex to identify. Didn’t look into the json.

If by hex you mean the colors used in the original uploaded file, they don’t exist in the app. If you upload an image that uses colors to separate operations, you’ll notice that once it’s in the app, those colors are gone. This is so GF app can set it’s own colors to denote ignore, cut, score, engrave, and highlight (for mousing over, etc.) Because of this, they need to give everything a unique ID, but again, that’s unique per user per uploaded image.

My script was kind of a hack to add save functionality that didn’t exist. There may well be a better way to do it so things can be shared, but I didn’t find one digging into the code. Again, it will probably work, as long as the GF app loads the individual operations in the same order.

Interesting on their approach, but Bravo Zulu to the script. I still use it even though the app saves settings.