Banding / horizontal slippage?

has some banding and jaggies where I would expect the line to be straight or the curve to be continuous.

original SVG (2.2 KB)

Is this a known issue?

Nope. That looks like a little bit of belt slip, or the material shifted. What is that you’re printing on, is it lightweight?

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Glad you posted this. Unusual from my experience with my pre-release and production unit. I don’t recall any kind of artifact on an engrave that did not demonstrate a shift of material, a belt slip, or a software command screwup that left a visible line in the engraving.

It is worth investigating and identifying the cause.

I did have some funky waves in my vertical tick marks in my Founder’s Ruler, but have not encountered any odd shifts in the raster line that could not be attributed to material shift.

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It’s helpful to try the print again, in the same location on the bed, and in another location.
Does the issue occur in other files as well?

Side note, is anyone else able to see the zip file? I suspect it might be an issue on my end, but it’s not working for me.

Yeah, I was able to download it, although it does have the Discourse style issue …it might be on your end.

it’s a case of an old busted iphone 4. basically just want to experiment on anodized aluminum. left side is 270lpi, right side is max lpi.

“have the Discourse style issue” = what is that @Jules ?

I’m not the best person to explain what causes it…but Discourse will cause an error when a file is loaded up here that causes the empty shapes to be filled with black. (Makes it a bit harder to diagnose the issues with a file. That one looks fine other than that though.) It has something to do with security on SVG files, and the style information loaded with the file. I think.

Easiest way to avoid it is to just Zip the files before uploading here. It keeps them the way nature intended. :smile:


That might have been light enough to get slightly nudged by the air assist, which could have caused the shift. (Taping it to the bed will keep that from happening…i do it with paper products.)

will try again taped.

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Discourse strips SVG style sections for security reasons because they can contain URLs, so if your SVG uses classes and styles for the fills and strokes, etc, they all default. If it has the fill and stroke information embedded in the paths elements it works.

  1. I re-exported from illustrator with all the twiddly bits to make sure everything was local to the file exported.
  2. I taped down the item
  3. I ran it through at max LPI, max power, 1000 speed and manual depth.

Looks great now. Don’t know which it was, don’t care - have new set of procedures to follow so more than happy.

I bought for like $20 off of ebay a bunch of scuffed up old cases from apple phones so I could perfect technique before I apply a laser to any of my own stuff.



Thanks all again, all great suggestions.


I’m glad you got it figured out. It looks great!