Basement window venting

I know there are quite a few different posts about this, but can someone simplify for me?

I’ve got to be honest, I’m really upset that I spent the extra $1k for the air filter I thought was an absolute necessity. I did not realize the filters would go so quickly and $250 is ridiculous.
Anyways, I can tell my filter is getting to the point of needing to be replaced. Actually, it just started beeping at me. I can’t bring myself to spend the $250. (Really just wish I could return the air filter)
I currently have my GF in the basement. I live in an older house, so the basement windows crank outwards to open.
Can someone give me a list of exactly what I would need to setup venting through that window? Stuff that is accessible from HomeDepot or amazon.
I live in Minneapolis, so being able to keep the cold out the best I can is important.
One other option would be moving it to the garage. My concern is that the garage is poorly insulated, which is great for ventilation, but not great for warmth.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Put it in the simplest terms possible. Lol
Thank you!!!


If you do a search on “crank window venting” you’ll get a lot of hits on messages from others with similar issues. Here’s one solution:


I used a standard sheet of plexiglass cut to the size of the window and I made the hose mount out of 1/8 draft board ( would be less glue with 1/4 inch). The hose mount is inserted through the hole I cut with a Dremel tool. The plexiglass was attached to the window opening with white strapping tape because it matched the white window. (Would need a more clever solution such as Velcro if you want to be able to remove it)

Super easy and for me because it was inside the actual window when closed, I don’t have to worry about elements. But you could paint the mount and seal it to make it more weather proof.

The issue I would see is if your window cranks but the physical window is both inside and outside the Frame. That would require a different solution. I did see those in my research, but I didn’t need them.

All parts at any hardware store. Cutting with dremel did require having a dremel but I could have mad a section with the GlowForge, but then I would have had to piece that together with larger plexiglass. Since the large sheet wouldn’t fit

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