Basic- fancy wall stuff


Made this-

Hanging bit

And then, embossing magic!

Proofgrade maple ply. Inkaido embossing powders, as we previously discussed and I’ve been getting fancy with :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the shiny! :sunglasses:


Fancy - I’ll say!


Very shiny :heart_eyes: Love how crisp and clean it is… Nice job!!


Wow. Amazing! Very fancy indeed!:blush:


The embossing powder does kick it up a notch. Very nice!


Awesome! It looks like we have at least two embossing powder experts on the forum now!


Wow! The embossing powders really add another dimension.


And not only did it visually turn out great, I learned a bit, too. I had a bit of a panic, every time I tried to send the job to the glowforge it would take a long time preparing and go purple on me. I had the doubleyous and the fish as individual objects, black, and the border was in blue. All were svg and loaded as upload. Going back into inkscape and merging all objects together as one, is what finally did the trick and allowed it to print.


How is this kind of thing done? I’m clueless.

Does the gf create a groove then heat the powder?



heat embossing generally works by sticking down the powder and then employing a heat gun to melt and/or seal it to the substrate. you don’t need a glowforge to do it, but it does make it a lot easier to follow an engrave.


I’ve done quite a lot using embossing powder and my PRU. Here are three of my projects. Looking forward to some wonderful creations from you when you get your Glowforge! Cheers!


I had engraved the dark parts, but colored with the embossing powder on the uncut parts of the finished PG maple ply.


Heres a thought…for @Xabbess too…
Might work on smaller designs. When I lightly etch through the masking, if often leaves a sticky residue…wonder if you could use that technique on parts where you want the embossing powder to stick??


yeah, that’s basically what i meant - you had an outline that made it easy to put the powder exactly where you wanted (as opposed to if i were trying to do it with a stencil, say…).


That’s what I did, too.

That would be interesting.With the new low power settings, that could now be even more possible. And even if that didn’t work, you could use adhesive on the engraved parts before removing the masking.


Ahh, my misunderstanding. I thought you meant putting the powder in the engraved channels.