Don't take any wooden nickels


The coin of my realm…it is the way of my people. PG maple ply, engraved both sides, gold embossing powder. Filling up unused spaces on my material. Sorry…should have given a reference…slightly larger than a quarter.

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Basic- fancy wall stuff
Marking pen holder

Wow. Too cool! Sorry… gold embossing powder?! Where does one find this magic?! I must learn the ways of it!


Looks fabulous! (And I think I’m going to send any embossing jobs your way from now on - you obviously know what you’re doing!) :grinning:


Comes in many, many colors. You use a special brush on adhesive in pen form, sprinkle the powder on, shake/tap off the excess and use a heat gun on it until it melts. It’s powdered plastic. It’s been great fun realizing that it could be applied to wood…and next in my laboratory, acrylic. :relaxed:


Thanks for showing the project.
Would you suggest a brand that you like best or are they all about the same?


Ah yes! Thanks! I believe I’ve seen these at Michael’s! Now I see they have a use!


Using embossing powder was new to me in the past month or so. The brand I’m using is RANGER. Bought them on Amazon. I’m sure there are other brands, as well. I just chose this one because they seemed to have such a broad color choice. Bought some really cheapo plastic, self-stick spice racks to hold them all. In a small space like mine, storage is at a premium.


Outstanding. Very fun.


I really love the way you’ve been applying color to engraves in your projects. Just great stuff! I really like this coin!


Oh wow - I’ve never seen anything like that before! Much better than my now-lame-looking chore token. :wink:


Your people have exquisite taste and talent!! Love seeing your projects and soooooo glad you are up and running with your GF. !!


Very cool idea! Considering the size, that is a masterly application of embossing powder; and you’ve been using the masking creatively as well. Well done!

That’s one problem with this forum. People keep upping the game!


Cool enuf…soon this shall be the coin of the Glowforge realm…this I declare !..So be it…!


it is a hard world out there Dan. :slight_smile:

my daughters are going to go bonkers when we finally get ours.

well slightly less bonkers than dad. :slight_smile:


I feel like I’m standing on the side of the stage watching an amazing talent show knowing the whole time I want to perform like what I’m seeing. Now, I’m concerned I’ll get my GF and feel like I’m in the first grade art class when all around me are so accomplished :confused:


Honestly, this is exactly how I feel right now!!

Edited to add: it makes me extremely grateful for the generous help here on this forum. My learning curve would be even steeper without the insight that you guys offer.


I’m flattered that you think I’m talented–guess I’ve got you fooled! The truth is it’s easy to create something that looks great using this tool. We’ll all be amazed at each other when you all get your machines.


Do you apply after lasering or before lasering?


After. But heck…someone might want to try it before lasering. Always fun to experiment.


Actually, it’s quite alright for you to feel like that. You won’t be the first OR the last person that did. Same here…and still feel that way, even though I’ve managed to learn and make a few things. No worries there, my friend!