Basic & Plus shipping schedules



Sorry if it’s already been asked and answered but I don’t remember any recent discussion on the topic and just wanted to confirm that Pro units ordered by 10/25/2015 are still expected to ship before end of December this year.


As far as I remember both machines ordered before 10/25 are supposed to ship by then, haven’t heard any other date yet.


Everything I have read is pointing to delivery for Pro and Basic to those who ordered before 10/25/2015. That is barring any snafu that compromises the quality of the finished product. I think the following topic is a good read on the state of things that in many ways addresses the concern that the Pro be ready for shipping.


Seems like the belief is that both Pro and Basic start shipping at the same time, so that’s encouraging.

Perhaps @dan would be so kind as to confirm that is the intent. I understand that plans are always subject to a last-minute change.




Just checked my email again and today is exactly one year that I ordered mine! I wasn’t too concerned about the delay, just a little frustrated. But like most other folks on here I’d rather have a fully functioning awesome machine! Can’t wait!