Basic to Pro No Longer Available?

I’ve been planning on upgrading from Basic to Pro prior to my glowforge shipping, but I am now unable to find that option. Was this ability removed?

Yes… and the pricing also went up.

You can still upgrade, but it will cost you more. The pre-sale pricing just ended. There was an announcement that gave a couple of weeks notice.

Yes. Unfortunately, they stopped allowing upgrades at the last price increase.

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Well damn, that makes me sad. Wish I would have seen that announcement and I would have made it happen earlier.

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Light begging and a six pack sent to @dan ? :slight_smile: justvsaying it’s the Christmas season, and you’ve been very very patient…

I’m not really sure why there was a cutoff date. If it were a typical sale offer then sure. Sales only last for so long. But, in this case, where you have people waiting for two and a half years, you’d think that the discount offer to spend additional money for an upgrade on something we bought sooooo long ago might be extended until we actually receive our product shipping notice. This is not a complaint really, but more of an observation. I am not sure why they would ever want to eliminate the possibility of me giving them additional money.

It can’t hurt to ask if they will make an exception.

I think part of the issue relates to the difficulty of processing an upgrade through their new ecommerce system. They posted a notice that the upgrade offer would be going away soon, to trigger people to take action by the cutoff date, and in response to subsequent queries about that, they let folks know they were serious about it.

An email went out on December 1st with a subject of “Glowforge Upgrades Expire.”

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.