Basic use of GF - "smoke"

Will the basic use of GF trigger off any household smoke alarms etc?

Somehow this topic produces the recommendation to ensure you have a smoke alarm.

Thanks for the link. Am still looking locally for C)2 small homebased ones. last quote i had was 200SGD for 2kg.
i dun tink i need 2kg…

as for smoke detector. i tink i’m gonna just keep an eye on the cutter :slight_smile:

No, normal operation (with either a filter or external exhaust) won’t trigger a smoke detector.


My Son set up a Gotorch CNC plasma cutter in his garage, and with the door open and a fan it still set off the smoke alarm. Not even a trace of smell or smoke.
Nap time is his window for playing with it, and the shreak of the alarm was problematic - based on the lightning bolts shooting from his Wife’s eyes…
Try to remove the unit and the rest of the alarms would go off.

My solution was to remove the unit and hotmelt a Tupperware lid to the ceiling with a hole cut in it for the connecting wire, reinstall the detector and snap the bottom of the Tupperware onto the lid, enclosing the alarm completely.
Functional, but renders the alarm useless, so remember to remove the bottom of the Tupperware. Snap it back on and your good to go.