Basic vs Pro access to Design Catalog

Thanks for the replies.
As I recall, there was some discussion about the ability to submit designs to the catalog as a way to add value to the Pro over the Basic. Maybe it was off-line. It was certainly a while ago.

I forgot about that thread.
Based on what @dan said in that link, people could post designs to the shop and sell them (:glowforge: probably taking a %).
Free designs are fine, but as a designer (Architect) I would like to think that a really good design would be worth paying for.
Hopefully they will get this figured out.

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I have a Pro, but there are a lot of people who have Basics who are way more talented than I. I would not think they would exclude them from the pool of available talent.


There was never any statement indicating a difference between Pro vs. Basic design submission. There has also been zero indication in the forum of when the submission process will begin, how it might work and officially even if it will happen. Always very vague.


I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re referring to - I don’t believe we ever said that.


This is the what I was talking about.
Specifically, the line about “Letting creative people make a living selling their designs” in reference to the catalog.

I think he was talking about any kind of difference between Pro owners and Basic owners being allowed to submit designs. They still plan to let people submit designs to the catalog one day…maybe after they finish shipping all the units out.

To open the catalog up now for submissions would give an advantage to people who received the machines early.

But it’s still a good time to be creating designs and testing them, so they’ll be ready to go when the time comes.

I do think there will be catalog submissions from the customers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I realized that after I posted, but since I was the only one who tagged Dan I though it might have been me.

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No prob…other people probably wondered too. …most folks didn’t read all the posts for the last couple of years…they actually have lives. :smile:

Do not! Take that back.


I hear it’s a common thing. :wink:

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You’d be surprised…I’m pretty egalitarian … :wink:

There was a time when Dan was spending more time on the forum during the day (usually during the delay announcements) that I was sure he was heading me off at the pass…every time I started to unload, he’d pop on and start typing responses…so I’d just go do something else.

Probably coincidence, but it might have saved a few sales. :smile:


If Proofgrade gets lasered, but isn’t posted on the forum, is it engraved? :innocent:


My reply was to the first post in the thread.

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Dan, thanks for confirming that Basic and Pro models will be treated the same in terms of submitting designs to the catalog.