Basic won’t cut through ANY materials

Hello everyone,

So my basic is def out of warranty; however, I have very minimal use on my machine because after trying everything suggested, I still can’t get my forge to cut through any materials. I have wasted all of my PG materials trying to get a successful cut.

Outside of cleaning all of the options, basic cleaning (though my machine is pretty clean), setting focus, entering exact material thickness, etc. any advice?

I have already sent Glowforge photos of the unsuccessful “Gift of Good Measure” photos and optic photos. Still awaiting a response. (Ref 380469)

You didn’t mention verifying that the lens is not in upside down, so I’m just throwing it out there as something to check. It would definitely cause the problem you are seeing.


Thank you for that, I did ensure that the optics were installed correctly!

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Since PG materials are guaranteed to work (part of the price) you should have stopped after the first failure and sent photos - they might replace more than one, but I doubt they’ll do all of it. :frowning:

Your post doesn’t really include enough information for us to help - and you’ve opened a duplicate ticket by also emailing so they’ll come along and close this just before they respond to your email.

Fingers crossed you included enough in your email that they can help!

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I finally received an email response. They are doing what they can to help remotely.

I’m not sure what other info I’m missing here. Honestly, I’m not as concerned about the material as I am my machine working as it should.

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Hello l.leeper

Since we are already working on this over email, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.