:proofgrade: Basswood Plywood settings

I was just looking at some of the :proofgrade: proofgrade cut settings, as a potential starting point for some other material, and noticed an unexpected inversion of the settings for Basswood Plywood.

Medium Basswood Plywood appears to use Speed: 170, Power: FULL.
Thick Basswood Plywood appears to use Speed: 182, Power: FULL.

Is this an error? Is there any reason you’d want to go faster on thick material vs. thinner material of the same kind?

Other materials (Cherry Plywood) the speed is faster for the thinner material, which is what I’d expect.

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Interesting. Medium and thick maple plywood have the same speed setting, but it does not make sense that thick would have a faster speed than medium.

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Thick plywood has a different center than medium. It’s actually more lightweight – so it could make sense.


Yes! thick basswood plywood is basswood all the way through. medium basswood is MDF in the middle so that difference makes sense that way, (most thick :proofgrade: plywood has basswood centers)


Weird! But I kinda thought there might be an explanation.
Cool yo. I won’t worry about it until GF finally has more PG in stock and I actually have some of this material :smiley: