Bath and Body Soap Holders

Well, recently Bath and Body had their “semi-annual” sale that my wife obsesses over, so of course we bought a few things. This, of course, led to us buying some of they’re fragrant soap options. We’ll be having friends stay with us in a few short days and so my wife got to cleaning parts of our home, including the bathroom, and after her having done so, the counter was looking quite open and the soaps looked like they needed some friends. I had this idea:

Added some accent lines to accentuate the angles of the soap on the base, kind of gets lost in the overall look, but it’s a fun little design element to be in there. Threw some little rubber feet on so they don’t slide around, and boom, that’s looking a lot better in the bathroom!

The front is white acrylic that I spray painted in, just used another bigger piece of masking and cut a window to not get the sides painted.

PS: The old adage of measure twice, cut once is lost on me quite often. I changed my mind on a few things but didn’t update the file and cut it, then didn’t measure it properly and cut it again. Like the other saying goes, the third time is the charm!


Nice looking holders that will be appreciated by guests and family.


I like to surprise my wife with these random type of things around the house; I’ll have to report back on her thoughts, but I’m sure she’s going to appreciate them!


Fun idea!

Are those PG? Did you seal them? I believe @Jules had a somewhat failed experiment involving sink-related decor and unhappy damp MDF.


They are PG and I did not seal them, but I still can if I need to! Haven’t had a problem with my other bathroom project which has been in there since May, but these are probably more likely to have water thrown on them, so I probably should seal them :thinking:

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Or you can experiment as well!

Nice stuff! A little decoration always takes it up a notch!


My experience with MDF has been sadly watching it swell and return back to the sawdust it came from, even if it took years to get through the sealant. We have all (except perhaps those living in deserts) seen it take in water and get thicker just waiting for it to be used, increasing the power needed to cut.

Even a brushed on clear nail polish on the edges would add a lot to their life.

The angle things is interesting… makes me want to straighten them out! :rofl:


I know what you mean! I was going to have the base follow the direction of the angles but was too lazy after making the square base :sweat_smile:


I was gonna compliment the off-square placement of the bottles but then noticed they are parallelogram shaped. :grinning:

Just curious why they are at an angle? They look really nice