Battery Storage Boxes



Okay, finally carved this baby down to a manageable size.

(And since the various Proofgrades that we have to work with are different thicknesses, it took a couple of iterations to pull off the effect I wanted.)

I did away with the fancy insides and went with a straight lift the lid off and drop the batteries in…it uses less wood, and takes less time to load. (It’s also a lot easier to build.)

I think it turned out looking a little bit like a building, so the continuation of the battery boxes will be others of different heights…a slightly shorter one for the AAA bats, and maybe a low one with a pull out drawer for the 9 volts. Maybe make it look like a little cityscape. (Slightly different lid treatments?) We’ll have to see what they want to do.


AAA and AA battery holders
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Those look great! I’m constantly turning around looking for batteries at our house, and this kind of thing would TOTALLY help clean-up our random odds-&-ends drawer in the kitchen. I love the idea for creating a cityscape out of these too—such a great idea!


I like the idea of letting them decide what they want to be :slight_smile:


Oh, they definitely tell me. These didn’t start out to be buildings. :smile:


Are you talking to the battery storage boxes again?!?


Just listening. :blush:


I want!!!


FWIW, I listen to my beads (a lot!) so I’m in no position to judge :wink:


So which way do you guys think the battery looks better, facing right (maple in the center) or facing left (cherry) cause i can’t decide.


These look great! Will you be posting the pattern (please)?! I would love to make these!


What an awesome idea! I need these for so many things around the house like cans of food, batteries, toilet paper… ok, maybe not the last one but still, might not be a bad idea. :wink:


I’m still trying to decide whether to offer them through the catalog. :slightly_smiling_face:
(But if Glowforge isn’t interested, I’ll probably just post them.)


I like both - especially when shown all together, with the image alternating like that.


I like!!!
Great idea on the city scape!


Battery schematic symbol, and size, that is what is going on mine when they become available.


I may have to do something like this, though I somewhat expect the cats to fish out batteries for play.


Those are the best looking battery dispensers I’ve ever seen! FTW. :heart_eyes: :squee:


Whoa! Thanks! :smiley:


Those are fantastic! Such a great idea. Thankd for another inspirational post.


I so need one of these… :+1::smiley: