Battery Tray for a warship

I spend a little time making a cool battery tray for a ship I am working on. I wanted something that had some style and class.

What i did is I cut the square, and I etched the rising run, and lettering. But I wanted the white around the red sun. So before I took off the protective paper from the acrylic I masked off the area and spray painted it. What am amazing effect. I am surprised I have not seen this yet.

Hope it sparks more creative ideas.


This is a very common technique that has been discussed many times. I made a small part this way just earlier today.

There actually have been some very cool acrylic painting projects on the forums, you must have missed them somehow! :slight_smile:

Here are some I did: Party Favors for Gkid


All good. Just trying to expand on what i did. I love to share projects. Nice job with the Tigers. Love it!

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Engraving on the back of clear acrylic and then layering in paint to be viewed from the smooth side is particularly rewarding. :slight_smile:

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You just blew my mind. :crazy_face:

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