Bay Area Maker Faire 2017: On site report from MakForge



Getting ready to head to the Expo Center and start the setup. Will be posting updates as I can. Wondering if I get to do another unboxing of a Glowforge.

If connectivity works out well, I’d love to do a live stream on my YouTube channel. Otherwise, I have 70 pounds of Proograde and four fun days of nothing but Glowforge.

Booth 2315: Hands on with a Glowforge laser cutter and engraver.


Squeeeee! Have fun! :relaxed:


The family and I are going on Sunday. Let us know where to find your booth!


Good point. 2315 in Main Expo Center Zone 2. Will update topic post.


:heart_eyes: Please share pictures when you can!

Probably a fool’s dream to hope they’ll send/have someone at any of the maker faires near Cleveland :persevere: I guess they’re not until after the current estimated ship date anyways.


Awesome. I really wish i could be there to check it out, but i’m on the wrong coast. :frowning:

However my sister, who i talked into also buying a GF, should be there. I’ll send her your way.

Hopefully you can convince her she made the right choice. She isn’t active on the forums so she hasn’t been seeing all the cool stuff made on the PR units.


couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! have fun :slight_smile:


Looking so forward to updates from you (and others going). Have a great and productive time!!!


No joke. That would actually get me into Cleveland…which I generally try to avoid.


Sounds like a hoot take lots of pictures for us!


Checked in. Unpacking kit. Setting up booth. Met Yves and Kara.

And waiting for a Glowforge. Imagine that. Hah. We love you team Glowforge. :heart_eyes::glowforge:

I got got a corner booth!!! Woohoo.

Brother MICHAEL is my assistant.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 20, 2017

Zone 2 in Expo: East is apparently Glowforge alley. It seems to be where most of the Glowforge PRU guinea pigs makers are.


Placed you all in the same place so as to not constantly distract everyone when they are browsing other areas.


What are you doing for the exhaust? Do you have filter unit that you’ll be using?


In that large a space? Everyone could be venting open, or under booths, and body odor would still be the biggest smell.


Nothing like the smell of burning wood and BO.


Sounds very pleasant. Chuckle!


Bailey is organizing a convoy of glowforge units from the factory shortly. I’m on my way there right now!


And, uhhh, what exact route would she be taking @dan? :wink:


Sounds like a Smokey and the Bandit routine… I can provide the road block (as long as I get a :glowforge:) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: