Bay Area Maker Faire 2017: On site report from MakForge



Supposed to be able to engrave fabrics when completed. I might test out making my own out of a good cotton, or another natural fabric.


The most important part of Glowforge is missing from this picture. We love you team Glowforge!:glowforge:


I really hope the :glowforge: logo on the booth was cut with a Glowforge.


It doesn’t show up well in the picture unless you expand to full resolution, but the entire table front wainscotting emanates from the :glowforge: logo. Pretty sweet effect.

I don’t know if it was cut on a Glowforge, but I would say the chances are pretty low. Since the design being whole table incorporated makes it likely to have been outsourced.


Looks sharp! :smile:


Last give away.

Another new material for me

Clothespins are a cool idea! :+1:


Is that an acrylic wine bottle carrier with an attached glass holder I see on the table? kewl !


Oh man, thought I had a full pic of the wine carrier. :unamused: Here’s a partial look at it. Beautiful stuff.


Love the :pig2: bank


Love the bank, but love the board more.


Is that the Creative Commons license board, the one from the video, or another?


I remember talking to you two! Thanks for coming to see me! Glad you enjoyed my products. :slight_smile:


I still hang some things out on a line. Always wanted to engrave some with sayings like “Just hanging out”, "Uggg I’m all wet ", “Am I dry yet?” or things like that…


Chuckle! Like the “Just Hangin’ Out”.


Here is what @jacobturner is talking about.


Pretty! And very “glowie”. :relaxed:


I want to give a big shoutout to @macphee and his wonderful daughter with whom I shared a booth. I was apprehensive about this whole enterprise but meeting up with them just disengaged the anxiety gear and shifted into high happiness. I apologize if my clutter and spread out inconvenienced them in any way. Looking at all of their projects on display, I realized how influential he has been on me and the forum. The beta folks can’t quite interact on the formal in a normal way, so it was hard to get to a personality behind those designs. They both are wonderful people and did a great job representing Glowforge and the community. @macphee talked himself hoarse in his interactions with all the visitors. I admire that he could take the time out of his work schedule and do this gig in San Mateo. His booth assistant couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly. She really gets this laser stuff. And though there were a lot of cool stuff on the table to point to, when I mentioned that she did the Japanese fortress herself, people were awestruck. Quite a few teachers took not of that and mentioned that they couldn’t wait to get the Glowforges their schools ordered for the students to work with.

I sure wish the connection problems hadn’t hobbled their production over the weekend. That was the one downer. Seeing a Glowforge in action is the kicker and even thought hey look cool just sitting there, when the fire up and start the burninating, it’s mesmerizing. Thanks again for the wonderful weekend!


That is one sharp-looking booth! I’m glad Glowforge made the investment; it signals that they’re going to be going to more shows!


I never saw the front of the booth–it was always lined up with people! :grinning: That’s a cool design.