Bay Area Maker Faire 2017: On site report from MakForge



Likely true. Especially those of us who ordered a Pro :grinning:


I can live with that!


Yep, I’m good! :wink:


I’m fine with that, too. I can still make stuff and our warranties won’t start until we do get our own. We’ve been honored to be able to try them out long before many others and it’s only right and fair that some of the others get theirs before we do.


Nice happy hour with a big paella for dinner. Beer line was a bit long. But I managed a couple. It’s pretty cool. So wonderful to see people in all their unique beauty and creativity front and center.


What an awesome day! So fun to meet so many Glowfolk! First stop was the Glowforge booth to make my name tag with my username so I’d be more recognizeable, where we got to meet @dan and @bailey. Heard rumors of a forum announcement and refreshed my email constantly but no luck. :confused:

Next we found @marmak3261 where I got pencils of awesomeness with my library’s logo on them. How amazing are these? Squeeeee! Picked @macphee’s brain about all sorts of things, and ooohed and ahhhd over all the great samples.

Then it was over to @karaelena and @takitus, where we also ran into @rebecca! :grinning: Trekked out to find @Kallisti next–such amazing steampunk stuff!

Makerfaire is quite the experience–more fun tomorrow. Hope I didn’t forget anyone–so nice to meet you all!

Me and Dad–I was not able to stop from grinning at the sight of actual Glowforges in the wild!

Maker Faire name tag template?

I’m fine with that too, it works fine, but will be happy with a production one eventually. I still get the purple button crash a few times a week, but Rita said it’s cured in production models (ironically it happened while I was filming a bug report at their request tonight for them)


I don’t get a purple button crash but i do get upload errors daily. I figured out that was only the first things I try to upload when I get home. I think it’s got to be a session timeout because when I log out and back in, it works. I leave my laptop logged in to the app on the machine screen after the last print. When I come back 16 hours later I appear to still be logged in. It’s reading the forge’s status correctly and lets me get back to the catalog screen but then it gives me an error whenever I try to upload again. Log out & back in and everything is good,

You’d think I’d just log out at the end of a session or remember to do that when I come back but I think that must be the part of my brain that I got dropped on as a kid :wink: It always takes at least two attempts before I do the dope slap.

Operator error. But the GFUI should either log you out or give a better error message.


I’d be happy with a PRU and maybe additional waiting, but I’d also be happy with my production unit. Whichever, so long as I get a laser, eh?


Check out how we put the Glowforge to bed. Chained the gantry and tubes to the fence.


Have you bugged it? This sounds like something @dan and company would want to know about for an expected /unexpected behavior.


Wondered what the insanely long lines were about as I was leaving. But didn’t wonder enough to ASK anyone… And I had even seen all of the cooking trays fully loaded a few hours before…

Hit up an AMAZING Indian/Chinese place. The samosas had some kind of salty tasting but pepper looking seasoning sprinkled on them… was so good.


Oh, hadn’t thought about that. A secure the device feature… I’ll suggest that.


Make with laser…make…MAAAAAAKKE !


Fascinating, because the same thing seems to be true of another big cloud product, the Spark/Particle Core/Photon/etc. When you fire up the command line after a hiatus it tells you you’re still logged in and lets you do some things, but not others. Figured that out lots of troubleshooting later. (That should probably be a thing for any cloud-based app – if there’s a problem, start by logging out and logging back in)


One giant piece of tape and a lot of small, but strong, fingers.


Yeah. I don’t have an expectation that it should necessarily keep my session active if I’m not using it all day but a word of warning in the User Manual and a better error message (like “Session expired, please log back in.”) would seem to be warranted.


The suggestion is valid. FYI: My laptop is never logged out of the app unless I need to. Occasionally, not often, I’ll get an error after waking up the computer that requires me to log off or at least close the app before it will work properly. Probably related to S/W updates.


IT HAS BEEN SO AWESOME MEETING ALL OF YOU! Heading over for Day 1 (or 2? what day is it?!) soon.

This was my best attempt of an “empty” booth photo of the GF booth - this was a few minutes before the doors offically opened for Friday@MakerFaire yesterday. I’ll try to get some actual empty ones today!


Always good when you have a line BEFORE folks are coming in; that’s some strong customer interest! Glad the show is going awesomely!