Bear knows best artwork frame

A piece for our own studio, we wanted to make a little slice of Colorado for our own enjoyment. What’s better than a bear with character. Even without all the face details, this charming guy exudes an inquisitive presence - like he just popped up to have a look back at you.

We printed the frame out of Walnut Ply with an inset engrave to give us a layered step in that plate. The bear is a deep engrave out of Thick Draftboard mounted to a backing plate of Blackboard (which also cuts like a dream in the Glowforge). The final result with multiple depth planes amps up the visual interest. [aka: makes it cool to look at]

Where Design Comes From - WDCF


I like it. Original and cool. :sunglasses:

Me too! :grinning:

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I just love seeing what truly talented artists can do with a Glowforge. This is outstanding!

@cynd11 – thanks so much. Like the whole brigade here on the forums we waited with guru-like patience for our Glowforge to arrive and we were thrilled with how amazing of a machine it is. The clarity of the laser cuts still make us marvel at the output.

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Me three or so :smiley:


great bear

This is fantastic!

Love the textures!

The texture of Draftboard works great for the bear!

We thought so too! After getting through a few revs of deep engraves on other projects I started to use a wire brush to dig in there and remove the burn areas. After that process, I found the draftboard looked like a fur texture or drywall.

So you can plan your build for that effect. I’ve even started raising certain points in the artwork knowing I’ll brush them down after the Glow cut and have a sculpting phase to finalize texture. You can get an antique worn look if you are careful with what you remove and what you brush/sand all the way down.


This would make a great light switch cover! Nice work.

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Bear-y Nice ! Turned out great!

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Amazing patterns and textures!

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Unbearably adorable!