Beautiful Complex Geometry possible?

i actually ended up doing a very simple design on 1 meter by 1 meter panels, and i feel my failure was providing my laser executioner the right simple file for a large scale industrial laser !

i still would love to do the complex one, its why i need help understanding


[heres the we transfer files :)] (

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NICE. I’ve done something sort of similar (BUT FAR more simplistic…) here. The thing I ran into was where all the lines crossed. Each time the laser crossed over the same point, it burnt the area a little larger, deeper and I lost clarity.

To fix it, you could essentially “break” all but one line going through the cross point so that you don’t get too much burning in a single spot, it makes it better, but not perfect. With your design, unless you can automate that kind of edit, I think it would take WAY too long to do.


That is very cool, but you are going to struggle to get it to lase at all, and definitely going to struggle with it as a vector.

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oh thats pretty cool ! you have a E8 Lattice like design.

my earlier prototypes look like coasters too check it out


There’s a bunch of cool geometric prior art on here…

one of mine:

Anyway, your design is really cool, it’s just very dense. you’ll struggle with the GF.


i found that exporting as a dwg then importing then exporting again removed those double lines.

its like intersecting selected or explode the complex geometry in Sketchup but waaaay quicker

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oooo I like them! Mine was based off of creating different designs only using points around the edge of a circle and straight lines. Lots of cool effects you can do with that and varying the number of points on the edge, and then choosing which lines to draw.

I really like the other effects you are putting in yours! And combining them to make yet MORE cool designs together! Very cool

oh I’ll have to try that.

thats really beautiful, like a inner 3d print, reminded me of ERIC STANDLEY that does this with paper

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What you started to draw is known as the most beautiful shape in mathematics, its called simply E8.

a 2 dimential projection of two 4 dimensional object thats a 8 dimensional lattice that could be perhaps the very nature of our reality according to emergence theory :joy:

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I had no idea I was doing something so fancy sounding :wink:

It’s just something I came up with when I was a young kid when I was bored in class. Drew a Circle, did the normal crossed lines. Then bisected those lines so it was in 8 pieces, then drew lines from where the lines intersected the circle to the other ones. It grew from there to what you see now.

Never knew it had a fancy name or mathematical meaning to it! Thanks!

reality is so simple you can draw it on sand with a stick, rope.

don’t ever question your ability to create beautiful things :smiley:

play with connecting 2d shapes from points using the circle tool on sketchup and changing the number fo segments, you will unlock the universe.


Be careful with something this dense, this is how fires get started. Watch the job carefully and be ready if it ignites.

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I can see design playtime in my future! (or is that reality bending right now?!!)

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im still open for any suggestions on how to proceed with complex files like the ones I’ve shared on the we transfer link :pray:

my work’s firewall is blocking me from opening it here, I’ll have to wait till I get home to potentially play with it.

It’s a beautiful design, i wish you much success with it!

I do hope you are aware that this forum is open to the world for viewing (and I assume that applies to links and files as well), even though only Glowforge owners and authorized users can post. So you should avoid sharing links and files that you want to keep private.


thank you for your kind words

oops i didn’t know that, i will delete it once i find a solution


you are going to want to rasterize it. That is a very complex vector (75mb of pure vectors), and the main center shape has been expanded, so the laser will run both sides of each of those thicker lines. That main center shape alone has 4,019,020 nodes… I don’t know the GF’s upper limit for node counts, but I think 4 million is too many.
It is also almost 40" square, which is a little large for the bed.
Even if it were able to load and process, it would spend a whole lot of time revisiting areas, making the print time waay longer. There is also a clipping path in there (in the layer labeled “0”), and the GF does not like clipping paths.