Beautiful mechanized hummingbird sculpture

Looks like fun laser project…


Hah, looks like someone else beat me to this post over here: Kinetic Art - GF Ready?

Sorry for the duplicate. Just got excited and wanted to share before I read all the other new posts. I’ll hold back next time :wink:


I purchased the plans two years ago have them setting here and my list of parts.
It is hard to get to right now, have my laser just made to many other outside commitments to do many personal projects.
Those will be completed January and I hope to be able to get to making my own stuff.

and as mentioned on other threads, one by

Just a heads up, Boyer also has some cool gears(one of my favorites) :


this is bloody awesome but I cant swing the money right now but wow!!!


man I want to make every single thing this guys has so awesome but huge $ and skill I don’t have

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You need to remove the 34 from the end of that url.


I am doing a build of this colibri bird now for my fathers birthday, hoping to complete this week. Converted all measurements to metric and ordered all parts on ebay. For US builders Derek has included a complete Mcmaster-carr parts list. Fairly straightforward and with good instructions. Looking forward to be done with the sanding :slight_smile:

The thickest ply is about 12mm (0.47 inches) which I think the Glowforge would be hard pressed to cut through. I did all my cutting on an Inventables x-carve CNC. The most time consuming part of the cutting was getting the drawings into Fusion 360 and setting up the CAM. It must be noted that this was the project I was using to learn Fusion 360 :wink:


WOW! That is a really beautiful sculpture. Amazing find! Bookmarked

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I bit. Bought the plans. Ordered the hardware from McMaster (almost $300!).

I’ll post updates on my progress.


I see why he is selling the plans vs selling the finished product. Holy cow.

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Wow, Good to know the parts investment is that high… I’m looking forward to seeing your progress with it!

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The plans for this kit are fantastic. Very well documented, and well suited for anyone with woodworking skills or traditional CNC equipment.

Problem is, it will be a huge pain in the a-- to make this on a Glowforge.

Why? Kerf. More precisely, Glowforge’s current lack of promised kerf compensation.

Unfortunately, I will not likely have the time to manually correct all of the parts for this project.

I’m still going to make one, but it will be on my CNC router and not my GF. :frowning: It will take less time to make the parts on that than it will to correct and prep the files for the GF.

Sigh. We’ll see…