Beauty and the Beast (with File)

this is amazing. this is one of my favs and just rewatched it for the millionth time last week. im no disney fanatic but i do love the originals. thank you for sharing. come the new year i am making some goodies just for MEEEEE…


Thank you!

OK, I absolutely love this and a neighbor just got married with this theme.
I’m also a newbie to GF and this site. How do I download this file to make for her for the holidays? Thank you all

Same here…

I have a chromebook (unfortunately) but the frame gets cut off as an svg. Any suggestions?

I’m so excited to try this for my cousins daughter. This is so nice of you to provide the file. Great work! I’m still learning how to design my files. Happy Holidays!

Just made a disney guest room so this fits in perfect. Thank you for sharing!

So cute!

Right click on the images and click “save image as” into whatever directory you want. It’ll save it as an SVG file.

Made these as a pair of earrings for a Christmas gift!


Love it! They look wonderful!


So cute!

My wife and daughter would love those. Thanks.

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Where is the file to download?

Right click on the items at the end of the original post following the text and save image as svg to your computer.