Bed alignment issues

I noticed my new glowforge plus was not engraving/cutting the right side of the bed proprely, I attached a picture of the camera allignement test and the difference between right and left side is quite huge. In addition to this, the image feed provided on the web app seems to be severely misalligned (attached a screenshot of the feed after camera allignement). I read in a previous post that this might be due to mishandling during shipping (wich is plausible in my case considering my machine traveled all the way to EU). Are there more tests/ tweaking that I can experiment with to try and fix this problem? In another post someone suggested that I might have to ship the machine back for replacement but being in EU I aleady payed more than 2k $ in shipment and importing fees so I am really trying to avoid that route.
Thanks in advance for your help.

I forgot to mention that I checked every window and camera to make sure that they ar ereasonably clean and there seems to be no dust or scratches anywhere.

So far a few people have had the same issue and the problem seems to be a mirror out of alignment. I have wondered if perhaps there is an issue (in some cases at least) where the problem is the head. Perhaps its mirror is slightly twisted or there might be some debris under the head on the plate that ever so slightly cants the unit. I would examine all these things very carefully before throwing in the towel.
On the other hand maybe I’m right out to lunch on my theory.
I hope you get this corrected to your satisfaction.


Can’t think of anyway that a head mirror or lens misalignment would cause the right side fading engrave. Thinking it would show up everywhere. Of course I’m only thinking about the basic geometry.

A misalignment of a mirror inside the mirror module attached to the tube would easily cause the problem. For that matter, if the module itself shifted, the same result.

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Yeah you’re probably right.


Just thinking out loud.


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