Bed Image not aligned


I’ve tried resetting focus and recalibrating my glowforge but no matter what I do, It will not deter properly or allow me to move my image past a certain point on the screen so I can cut my material properly.
I attached a photo -
Please let me know how I can fix this!

Thank you

Not sure what is in the photo. Is this a partial screenshot from the Glowforge App? Take a picture with the edge rulers in the snapshot. Example below.

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As @rpegg said, we need a better photo so we can understand what your problem is. Have you been able to do the 1st three projects suggested in the setup procedure?

This looks normal to me. Are you saying you can’t use the hand icon to move the image around the bed, or are you saying you can’t cut on the entire board?

I can’t cut the entire board - that grayish part on the edge of the side and bottom is part of the cut area but it won’t allow it.

If I try and make a cut on an entire sheet, that space is left untouched

if I cut a small area, on the screen it looks like the cut is to the edge but there’s still a whole section of material and the computer view/ placement doesn’t match the bed space

If you look at the printhead in its home position, you will see that it cannot move any farther back or to the left. Therefore, it cannot print behind itself or left of where the carriage stops. The actual print area is about 10.9" x 19.5" The area is smaller for engraves as the head needs room to accelerate and decelerate.


hahahah wow I feel like an idiot! Thank you so much.

So I just need to center the tray so the white is evenly surrounding so it is accurately centered - right?

The tray must be placed in the grooves in the floor of the Glowforge. It must be properly seated or nothing will print properly. Place your board on the honeycomb tray as you are doing, but know that the top 1" and left 1/2" will not be usable. Orient your artwork relative to the lower right corner.


AMAZING! Thank you so much!!!


Also, if you want to be certain of where on the board your design will print, you should always design on an artboard size of 20” x 12”. This also helps with scaling issues.


Thanks @dklgood for the help, and @cynd11 for the tip! Since it looks like the problem’s been solved, I’m going to close out this thread. If you run into trouble again, or have any questions, feel free to open a new thread or contact us directly at and we’ll be happy to help.