Bed Image suddenly dark

Not sure if anyone else has this but I haven’t used my glowforge for about 4 weeks as I was on holidays. I switched it on yesterday and for some reason the bed image seems to be really dark and Blurry.

In addition, if I cancel a print and for example only half the words are printed, the alignment on the screen it totally off but If I don’t move the object or the text on the screen and hit print again it will continue in the same spot…

Is the lid closed fully, not kinda closed one one side? (Sometimes if the machine isn’t flat the box warps and it doesn’t close fully)
Is the lens clean? (Looks pretty sharp to me)
I don’t know if it would fix this problem, but there is a calibration tool you can use buried somewhere in the website/ forum.
Good luck!

Are all of the LEDs working? (I don’t see anything that would lead me to believe they aren’t working, just wondering since you said it suddenly seems dark.)

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