Bed image to dark on screen

My GF is brand new out of the box…The issue I am having is I cannot see the material in the bed on my computer screen,Its so dark, I cant even see where to place my art. It is not picking up the fact that I have proof grade material in there either…Any thoughts on how to fix this?
I shoudl add its cutting fine. I have made the gift of good measure and a small design of my own, its just impossible to line it up properly without being able to see
Thanks in advance for any help!!

Have you tried brightening your computer screen? That worked well for me.

Since you stated that it isn’t reading the Proofgrade bar code as well as being very dark on your monitor, it sounds like the GF lid camera is messed up/ dirty or faulty etc.
Can you follow the lid camera wiring to where ever it plugs into the board or something, to make sure if it is seated correctly? (sorry, but I am a fairly new owner myself, and have never looked at how that camera is wired or where it connects to the machine, Perhaps someone who is more familiar with that can chime in…)

“celesteprobichaux”, I don’t thing his monitor brightness level would keep the GF from reading the bar code.

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The original post said

But that does not necessarily mean that the QR code of the proof grade material is in view for the camera and the camera is still not picking it up. You are only assuming that is the case.

@jasenmcdaniel, welcome to the glowforge community! Do you happen to have a screen shot of the glowforge app interface? A picture is worth a thousand words and might be helpful in ruling out that the issue is the setup as opposed to a faulty camera/bad connection. It certainly could be a connection issue or lens that needs cleaning but a screen shot and photos will help determine that.

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You can brighten the bed with this,

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He shouldn’t have to buy anything extra to make his lid camera see the Proof Grade bar code, or to see the bed on his computer. His GF is brand new out of the box and the lid camera is not working as it should.

While I agree that he shouldn’t need to add any lighting, we really don’t know if it’s working correctly or not. The lid camera is also used for the centering process (it centers to the logo on the head) and that’s presumably working correctly since he can run jobs, which wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t working.

A screenshot would help a lot.

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I agree with all the sugggestions for you to share a picture, but how is the brightness in the room/over the GF? If the room is too dark, the camera simply cannot “see” what it needs to see, and neither can you. You don’t need to buy anything, of course, but that would be the purpose of adding a light. We have an overhead light near my GF, but it’s not always enough to light the bed properly.

It’s possible the camera doesn’t work properly, but it’s a big leap to make right off the bat.

Dark on dark can be hard to see to accurately place a design. Extra light can be valuable under such circumstances. There can be many reasons the barcode is hard for the machine to read. Light is not relevant to those. As one can just choose the material from the pulldown, that is not a big deal.

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My GF is in a location with zero “overhead” light, and has been for all the years I’ve owned it. I keep a LED “brick” next to it, for when I need more light to work on a finished project (because the lid LEDs dim when you open the lid - totally stupid, I’ve asked for that to be changed, to no avail…)

The built-in LEDs are more than sufficient. If not, then there’s a problem.

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I went to my shop. Started up my GF. Turned OFF the light. It is now very dark in my shop. It’s night time. It is completely dark in here except for the LED lights on the Glow Forge. My GF read the bar code just fine, and I could easily see the material on my computer. All with only the LED lights on the lid.
So the suggestion that his workspace is too dark is NOT his problem.

I am not trying to be argumentative here, but jasenmcdaniel’s Glow Forge is brand new and not working as intended. Yes, he can use the pull down menu to pick the wood, but that is not the point. it should still see the proofgrade bar code and set it up automatically AND see it clearly on his computer. It is supposed to do that. It isn’t.


All of the above.

90% of the time I am printing in total darkness (night owl). The GF produces enough light by itself - even to grab and load material.

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Thanks all! So sorry I have been MIA…but i think Docsis said something important…there are no LED lights on my machine… clearly that is the issue!! I assume a ticket to GF is the next step?

Posting here is your ticket to GF. Hopefully they will be around to help you soon.

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That is a totally different issue. However, posting here has opened the ticket and any more will just slow things down.
(as @Pearl has noted)

Thank you! It was this post that made me realize there should even BE lights!! =)

@jasenmcdaniel I am so sorry your LED lights are not turning on in your Glowforge printer. We spoke regarding this in chat and I see you sent us an email regarding the issue. I sent you an email response to go over options on how to resolve the issue. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and follow up with you there.