Bedroom set up

Got my glow forge and live in an apt.
Doesn’t look good in my living room and it’s bigger than I thought… anyone have it set up in your bedroom ? Pros/cons ?

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The main thing is you’re going to want to be sure you can vent it. I vent out the window as i think that’s the best option since the filter fills up so fast. So, just think about that aspect. Somethings do have quite a smell to them that seems to linger. Otherwise, if you don’t mind it in the bedroom, i see no reason you can’t put it there.


I ended up turning the dining room into a shop because that was where the only window that worked as I needed it to was, and that was the most critical issue. As apartments have a lot of common walls, that may force your decision also as you will want to vent where others will not be bothered by the smell. You may want to have a high volume inline fan as it would lower the saturation of the smell and smoke and push them further away, but if your neighbors next door have a balcony just beyond your bedroom then that would not be an ideal place to put your Glowforge.


I have mine in my bedroom since I am in a second-floor condo and that is the only window that will open. I don’t have any issues with it. I vent outside though and I always make sure to finish at least an hour before bedtime. I also have a filter that sits on the GF and I start running it as soon as I turn it on and run it for several hours after I finish. This clears out the majority of lingering odors.


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