Beef Jerky - Can you laser it?

For a friends birthday, I decided to make her a card on something that she loves…

Beef Jerky

Went to the butcher and asked for the flatest piece of beef jerky they had. This piece was about 5 inches wide by about 10 inches long.

Used 80% power at 650 speed. Probably should have made it a little deeper, as the beef jerky was about 1/4 inch thick.

A few notes:

  1. You will have small particles of beef jerky on the inside of your glowforge. The fan blows them all towards the front of the unit. So plan on a quick vacuum and wipedown after you are done.
  2. Due to the oils in the meat, the lasered section will fade over time. This design was hardly readable after about 2.5 hours. This picture was right after I etched it.
  3. Just out of curiousity, I also tried to laser a piece of pepperoni. It did not work.
  4. Lasers and beef jerky. Need I say more. (even if it only lasts a short time)


Beef Jerky Time! Nice test and execution!

Love the poem!

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That’s a first! :smile::+1:

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