Beer! and Cider and

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I’m a Wisconsinite @marmak3261! Born and raised and still here! I’ve heard about your stash of beer illegally imported from Wisconsin! I actually really like the Back 40 that New Glarus makes, but it’s only a seasonal beer, and one of those seasonal beers that show up once every 5 of those seasons! Haven’t tried the Bubbler though to be honest…looks light and tasty. Is it ‘hoppy’ at all…can’t stand that flavor :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it time for a beer topic yet?

Not big on the over bitterness myself. Seems every craft brew place gets stuck on the idea of I’ll throw more obscene hops in than anyone else and claim I have the most IPA of all IPAs.

Tend to find myself enjoying more complex flavors from a good porter when I can.

I like IPAs even though the hipsterest beer snobs are hating them again. :wink:

But I tend to generally stay further from the bready beers and stouts. Something bitter or spicy, ice cold, with moderate carbonation. I wanna try brewing a jalapeño saison next summer.

Yes. Time for a new topic. Beer!

I’ve been drinking IPAs lately, but have started to want more malt. Any recommendations?

Edit: Part of the reason I started this as a new topic was because I wanted to help keep “Pre-Release Glowforge: delivery, unboxing, setup, first prints! :glowforge:” on topic. The other part of the reason is beer.

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Despite the fact that i do not drink i love Brewing!

I tend to make low-strength Lagers for the wifu and for friends i make a mix of Stouts (9% was my last effort) and Ales. My Stouts are generally aged for 2 years before being offered to guests

I was born in South Australia and during winter Stouts were considered an essential source of vitamins & minerals (and whatever else you want to justify drinking them.)

With brewing i try to push the alcohol content whilst not having the flavour drop out which can often happen when inexperienced IMHO.

I am also fortunate to have a pair of bee hives and get ~ 15kg a year from each hive. I use half of this amount to make Mead (spiced and clear) for which i use a Champagne yeast mostly though i have a Dessert Wine yeast that i am keen to try this year.
My Meads come in at ~18% and are often drunk cooled like a liqueur.

I recently planted a Mulberry Tree with the aim of making mulberry Wine but we are just about to move house so that plan came to a screeching halt.


So what’s the policy on ciders here?


The policy is that you have the ability to edit the title. I don’t mind if you fix it.

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Beer is the world’s most widely consumed and probably the oldest alcoholic beverage; it is the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea.” - W. Pedia

I like beer.
My favorites are wits, whites, and wheats, with an ABV around 4.5%-5.5%.
Avery White Rascal
Boulder Beer Sweaty Betty
Saint Archer White Ale
Sierra Nevada Old Chico (also their Kellerweis)
Clown Shoes Clementine White Ale
Alaskan Brewing Co. White
New Belgium Brewing Co. Sunshine White Ale
Widmer Brothers Hefe

Don’t get me wrong, I also like IPAs, Lagers, Pilsners, Amber Ales.
Beer is the only alcoholic beverage that I enjoy.


No time for stories. That would take all night. I’ll just post this for now!


Show off! Sure it’s just a picture of a beer. But is it just a coincidence that there’s a Glowforge in the background? Laser porn! :grinning:


I have the great fortune to live in an area with no less than 3 great microbreweries within 10 miles and probably 10 more in the state. There are some absolutely amazing beers. Complex, hoppy, malty, etc. There is one brewery not far from my house that goes out into the wilderness, finds whatever interesting stuff they can, and makes beer from it.


What area is that?

Tempe, AZ. Wilderness Brewing is practically next door, San Tan is down the road, and Papago is a little north. :slight_smile:


It won’t make up for not having a GF, but the topic does bring a smile. I enjoy a Spotted Cow regularly (can even buy it at Walmart here), but I like having a few choices… I also like IPAs, but just acquired the taste after a visit to Petaluma, home of Lagunitas. Of course, they just opened a brewery in Chicago too.


This thread went from “tracking” to “watching.”

It’s a bit interesting how the craft beer world and the makerworld are kind of running parallel to one another, as far as increasing in popularity. A lot of things seem to be increasing in popularity this way, like farm to market foods.


I’m a homebrewer as well. Where I live, near Seattle, I can walk to 6 breweries, which is cool. In fact I am at one now!

I think my next homebrew will be a Spotted Cow clone, from a recipe popular on Homebrew Talk.


I love spotted cow! Everytime I am in Milwaukee I bring some back to Maryland.


Breweries within walking distance of where I am living in North Park, San Diego, CA.

We go on a lot of walks.


The heading for the thread is Beer! So…

I brew my own and realy (fortunately) don’t drink enough to go through it fast enough to brew as often as I’d like.


I am more of a stout, but I like to try any craft beer. Some friends tell me “Strange Beers” :stuck_out_tongue:

A brewery of Mexico

A few from Panamá

But being able to brew my own beer would be great. :smiley:


I do a clone of spotted cow that I hop up with citra hops. I “cleverly” call it Citra Cow. It’s one of my most well received brews by both craft beer lovers and big market beer lovers alike.


Had a Mothers Three Blind Mice while at the Rockin’ Pig Saloon up in Eureka, AR. It was quite delicious.

Southern Star Blonde Bombshell, made near me here in Houston, is a very good American Pale.

My standby is just a cold Shiner Bock. Also made just a few miles up the road.


My brother in law loves Shiner Ruby Red the family tells me I turned him in to a beer snob.