Beer Holders get HIT attention


So our hospital CIO John Halamka posted on his popular blog about the beer holders I made for his farm and the Glowforge (this blog is read by many hospital CIOs, HIT folks, informatics folks and health ministry types around the world, so good GF exposure):

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 10, 2017

So ready to start selling them in bulk?


Oh nice video!! Great mention…now you’ll be famous for yet another awesome thing :+1::smile:


Wow. Really good blog. Imagine if more people would read this and get a clearer understanding of health care in the modern age. It’s an eye opener for me.

Lest I despair too much, I limit my healthcare reading. But I do follow this one since it is so good at debunking and supplying clear thinking versus magical thinking.


i love sbm


Oops, he had posted the wrong photo (I was pretty sure I had given him the right pics that we took at Unity). Now the right picture is up (with the Alpaca barn softly in the background)


That’s awesome! Have him use the link with your referral code - just in case anyone who reads it decides they need one too. :wink:


done. Thanks for mentioning.