Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 10, 2017



Last Week’s Highlights


June Update: Schedule Change

The 3D Engrave (Basic Unit) - Video Showing the Process










GREAT stuff last week!

With all of the deliveries happening this week, I’m guessing we’ve reached the tipping point where keeping up with this is going to require an army! (We going to see Daily Highlights from now on? :wink: )



No. :neutral_face:


Thanks again. I am caught up and still didn’t see some of these.


Discourse doesn’t show all the unread posts. For example if something shows up in new and you ignore it for a while it gets hidden. To see the missing ones click on latest and scroll backwards until you see bold entries. They are bold because they are unread, but don’t appear under Unread. Bonkers!


Yeah. I’m continually surprised. I thought something would stay new for 48 hours though, and I mistakenly (I guess) assumed I kept up with everything since I’m here (way too many times) every day.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Another way they get hidden is if they get moved in from an area you don’t have access to, for example Beta.