Before I muck this lovely new unit up with strange vaporized materials


Why not make a pie?! :slight_smile: French apple custard, cut at 500/50, to be precise.

Laser all the Food?
Simple tool made on my Glowforge.. this IS the icing on the cake



Okay, that’s just too pretty to eat! :grinning:


I’d be happy to close my eyes and eat it. :smiley:


I think it’s awesome you lased a pie! I would love to see more food lased. So far it’s mostly just :proofgrade: materials and the occasional non-:proofgrade:. Not much food done with it yet. I wonder what a pie would look like with one of those Spirograph patterns on it.

Perhaps one day we’ll see a PopTart with a picture of Snoopy laying on his doghouse or something. (This was a completely random idea btw) :yum: Here’s something else I’d like to see: Cup of cappuccino’s foam sprinkled with something in some pattern made with a :glowforge:. Anyone out there have a cappuccino machine and a :glowforge: that can make this happen? :smile:

Glowgon is in the house!

Also, I can’t tell but did you lase the pie first and then bake it? I’m assuming you did it first and then baked it. If I’m right, could you show us what it looked like after, or did you eat it already? :smiley:

I wonder because of the dark marks on the crust. If that was from the :glowforge: I wonder what it would look like if you turned down the power(?). Would it mark it with burning the marks in? If so, I could imagine the pattern showing up after you put some egg white on the crust and got it to a golden brown. I wonder if it would pop up then due to the depth of the egg white. :thinking:


The pie is gorgeous! Too lovely to eat.

You could certainly make a stencil to use with powdered chocolate or whatever–I’ve made a bunch of stencils already. But pictures in my cappuccino is something I’m saving for my Tooli (which I still haven’t started to work with yet).


I’m only going to think of this every time I see @PrintToLaser’s icon.


Is that a Proofgrade pie? Otherwise you may not be allowed to talk about it in this forum. :slight_smile:



It’s ok as long as the settings are edited out of the description. We’ll need another thread started in beyond the manual to discuss settings and safety :sunglasses:


And the recipe!


At first glance, I assumed it was @PrintToLaser that was posting about his love of pie.


No issue as long as those are the default settings for pie crust (I have a PRU so may not have access to all of the materials in the GFUI :smile: )


Pie crust was lased before baking. In my exuberance last night, I did totally forget to throw a light eggwhite wash on top before I threw it into the oven, so the finished product looks a little more anemic, post-bake, than it should have.

Will taste it tonight.

I’m hoping thin fine vector lines will have imparted minimal char and not affect the taste too much, so that it results in being far more decorative than “flavour” affecting.

Here’s a shot of it pre-bake:


Betting it’s great. I’ve lasered M&Ms and bananas and neither had taste issues from the laser.




This is magnificent! I’m drooling just looking at it… and tremendously curious what it looks like post-bake!

Since it contains manual settings, I’m moving it to “Beyond the manual”. If you prefer to remove the settings, it can be moved back.


I for one am not convinced the problem is with the pie. Have we considered updating the manual?


I think the glowforge way would be to provide proofgrade crust so settings are unnecessary.