Bench style business card holder

Hi guys,
I accidentally deleted some stuff from the bench style business card holder. I was able to reset the design, but I don’t see anything in the “design details” when I go to put it together. It seems pretty straight forward, but when I looked at the supplies list, it listed string… where does the string go? Help :slight_smile: thanks all!

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I just grabbed this design and it doesn’t look like it actually has any instructions.

My only guess is maybe string could go across the front to hold the cards in? Better yet, maybe some elastic string?

Alternatively, it doesn’t really look necessary to me :wink:

I found one other design, the design-of-the-month game… says it needs quarters, but then the instructions never say anything about quarters :wink:

Sometimes I think they update the designs, but don’t quite do a thorough job editing.

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Thank you for checking!!! I thought I was missing something :slight_smile: Here goes nothing… I am making it for my mother’s supervisor, so I hope it holds up :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: I will keep you posted…

Hopefully, now that it is here in P&S, there will get some directions uploaded. I realize for most people, sometimes directions are straightforward. But I still read the box to see how much milk to add to my Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I want instructions on everything.

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Amen to that!!! Details are golden. You sound like a perfectionist, like some of us :raised_hand: :laughing:

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I believe that business card holder was designed by @jules and I’m sure she included instructions (as I did with my one design) but they never got included for whatever reason. I’m sure she will clarify what the string is for when she sees this.


Chuckle! I’m going to bet that they have the instructions for someone else’s file in the wrong place…that happened with a couple of my files.

No string that I can recall for that one. :smile:

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I really think @moniqueoladosu should find a place for some string on it…

You don’t want to be caught not following instructions. =D

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Thank you for letting us know! I’ve shared this with the team and the instructions should be updated soon.

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Nice! haha… Thanks for the clarification

Fine @jestelle ! I’ll lace some string through the cut outs & send you a pic :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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