Bench Styled Business Card Holder problem

I added the bench styled business card holder to my dashboard and printed it. Two of the pieces did not cut all the way through so I wanted to recut just those pieces and not everything else so I deleted the rest of the pieces and recut. Unfortunately, I forgot to undo that to get the deleted pieces back before I closed the window. Now that file is permanently saved as just the two pieces minus everything else. I went back to the catalog to see if I could refresh it, but it does not allow that. I tried to delete it so I could add to the dashboard again and it does not allow that either. How do I fix this and get the original back?

Try this. Open the design, click the three dots in the interface, select design details, when that opens a window, click reset design.


Yeah! That worked. Thank you very much.


Hi @JigSawMan, I am so glad you were able to find a solution for your design! Thanks, @dklgood. Iā€™m going to close this thread now - if you need anything else, go ahead and make a new post.