Bending hardwood with kerf cuts (down with living hinges!)


I engraved a bottom for it 80% of the thickness so most of it fit in the hole but the rest covered the plywood partso it looks like just a veneer at the bottom but is full thickness. Kind of a pity really as it is the opposite of most of my pieces in that it shows none of the detail of the build except the fingers in the backand the most impressive bits to my mind of the bottom and back are hidden.


Wow. Great write up. Next you’ll start steaming and say “Down with Kerf Cuts!”


been there done that but didn’t need steam.


Beautiful result, and such a neat technique. It’s always exciting to see people push the bounds of what laser-cut things can look like.

I also learned a new term, “laserfingers.” Now I need one for when my nail polish chips from peeling off too many Proofgrade sticker layers.


I use alcohol hand cleaner. except on Proofgrade plywood and MDF (it will dissolve those) any weeding or adhesive will dissolve enough to come right off. that was also what I used to convince the wood to bend the way I wanted.

I also have some fancy metallic blue nail polish waiting for a good earring design to try it on.


Beautiful! I have several bentwood boxes handmade by a friend. Such wonderful things are bentwood boxes.


I would love to see pictures. I suspect collaboration is possible unless they have a laser too.


I will get pics when I get home. My boxes were made by Marion (Mitch) Mitchell. I lived with Marion and his wife Polly while in graduate school in Carbondale, IL. The boxes are some of my most treasured items.


Looking I see he is very much the traditionalist but to use the laser to cut out and his wife’s designs to engrave could make for some awesome stuff even if not so traditionalist.


Right?! I agree. I have some of her cuttings too - It’s amazing what Polly can do with a pair of scissors. I have a hand cutting that is about two feet long (all one piece of paper -whoa).


A box with the buried living hinge inside and a veneer of her ideas inlaid all around the outside in a darker wood would be truly awesome, but I don’t know if they would be impressed or upset as I only know from the news report and you would know better.

Personally, I have always preferred homage to tradition while doing what had never been done like the traditional "overlay, and Inlay’ silver bracelet but leaving a cloisonne like narrow bit of silver around each piece and Chinese dragons, or exotic hummingbirds for images rather than the traditional Hopi imagery.


Care to share your kerf file? I appreciate the write-up, but seeing what your engrave actually looks like as a file would be really helpful.


I see svg files in the comments above.
Also, we’re not supposed to ask for files.


is that forum etiquette or a glow-forge rule?


It’s in the Forum Guidelines put together by Glowforge, so both, I guess.