Bent crumb tray

I just got my Glowforge Pro in last week and it looks like the crumb tray looks bent. The cuts seem to work fine, but I haven’t tested material in the corner that sticks up. Below is a picture of the crumb tray sitting on a flat table. You can see it’s about 1/4 of an inch off.

I also have a regular Glowforge, so I compared crumb trays. The crumb tray from the regular Glowforge sits perfectly flat on the table. It also sits flat in both machines. The crumb tray from the new Pro unit wobbles about 1/4 of an inch (back left corner… to front right corner).

Thoughts? Fixes?


Oh… and the Glowforges are awesome! Thank you for making them.


By posting here you have effectively opened a ticket :slight_smile:
Someone from GF support should get back to you soon.

That bent tray will be a problem for sure, as the laser is very sensitive to having a flat surface to cut on.


The trays are supposed to be identical between the two units. Assuming there is nothing under the one that would cause it to sit incorrectly, would be very surprised if you aren’t sent a replacement tray. The trays are sold separately as replacement parts.


Odd that the injection molded frame that holds the honeycomb appears warped. Never saw that one before.


I would expect a new tray rather quickly, but having a second one to share between the two machines until then is a real boon.


looks like a new test to add for people with mystery alignment problems

1 Like thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to see your Crumb Tray arrived damaged.

We’re following up soon with a direct email containing tracking information for your new Crumb Tray.

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