Bent Pins in printer Head

Hi. I received my Plus yesterday and started a live chat last night (which is very helpful) and it turned into an email request that I am waiting to be answered. I see from the forum this is a common problem yet I haven’t read where anyone posted their outcome. Did they send a new printer head, did they tell you to try and bend it back, or did you have to return the whole thing?? I am dying to be up and running and every minute waiting to hear back from Customer support feels like an eternity. Can anyone with this issue share their outcome? Thanks.

A couple of prior posts they did suggest that people could carefully bend the pin straight. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to gently squeeze the pin between the jaws - don’t bend them by tilting the pin. It’s a squeezing action not a levering action so you don’t break the pin at the base.


Ok thanks. I will wait to hear back from GF before I do that just inacse, I tend to have bad luck so I’ll probably do more damage…


I’m so sorry to hear your Glowforge was damaged in shipping. I’ll send an email shortly to arrange a replacement.

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