Best adhesive for clear acrylic bonding

I am in need of finding a glue/adhesive to bond two clear pieces of acrylic together without the glue being evident. I have used super glue but you can still see where t was. I am making awards and need for adhesive to be invisible. Any reccomendations? Thank you


The best way to bond acrylic is to use acrylic cement. It’s a liquid that melts the two edges of acrylic so you have a single piece when it’s done. That being said, it’s very liquid, so it can get everywhere (it’s sold with an applicator with a needle like nose). As long as what it gets on isn’t acrylic (plastic) it’ll just evaporate off. It what it gets on is acrylic it can make it hazy, or pitted, or a bunch of other things. I still love it, but I tend to make a mess. They also sell it in a high viscous version - but that won’t wick into seams the way the liquid does.

The liquid stuff (if you have a local TAP Plastics, they carry their version in store and it’s the best):

The thicker stuff:


Here are some options.


How to apply Weld-On:


Just chiming in that I use Weld-On as well and am happy with the results. Just be very careful it doesn’t get on the ‘non’ glued areas.


As everyone has said, Weld-On is the go-to for acrylic joining. If you have not used it before, DO NOT try it for the first time on your final product. Cut a bunch of small test pieces and practice welding them together until you fell comfortable. Then do a few more. Set time is fast, this learning/test process will not last too long.


Just a note on the Weld-on. As memtioned it evaporates quickly, both on the piece as well as in the can. I have found it useful to keep stored in the freezer as at room temps it has a positive vapor pressure that the whole can will escape if the tiniest hole is available.

When gluing edge to edge I set the direction of the edge down hill that it can drip out the lowest place without getting on anything as the total volume of seams should be less than a drop.