Best Font on Glowforge (premium)

Hi :wave: Whats the best fonts to use on Glowforge premium?

top fonts do everyone use ?

‘Best fonts’ is subjective. I choose fonts according to my design, not according to what anyone else prefers. A font to me is part of the design…so sorry, I can’t be of any help.


I agree with @Xabbess that you need to pick the font for the project.

But here’s a random font I like:

It’s also worth noting, that is a great interface to browse fonts, all of which are available within GFUI.

Let us know if you’re looking for a particular type style. Cheers!


False. The “best font” is objectively:

Typeset in the Future - TV Tropes


Hi, What is GFUI?

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Glowforge User Interface


Au contraire! It even says it’s the most beautifulest font ever created.

Yes officer, this post right here.

I am somewhat partial to the Johnston and Gill families of fonts, for historical and nostalgic reasons, although I rarely choose a font until the final stages of a design. Johnston has a Serif version which is used in very limited places (Sudbury Town is one…)

Gill is MacOS-native, and “close enough”. Don’t recall where I got the Johnstons, possibly bundled with a PC I bought in the early 2000’s that had most of Adobe’s (expensive) apps bundled in.

Of course, these are not on Google Fonts (which is all the “Premium Feature” uses) - I just use them in my design app (Inkscape)…

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