Best glue for clear acrylic on wood?

What’s the best glue to prevent glue from showing through clear acrylic glued to wood?

Is there a special application technique to prevent the glue from showing?

Here I used a few dots of clear glorilla glue gel, and I’m not happy with the results. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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You could try the 3M tape. Whatever you use, you’ll want to cover the whole surface of the wood because otherwise you get some discolored places. I actually sandwich the acrylic between layers or cover it with a veneer to avoid dealing with this.


Deja vu, man!

A quick search of “acrylic wood glue“, like this:

Will find so many answers to your question. This one in particular seems to be what you need:

Welcome to the forum, definitely use that search to get literally years of good answers :slight_smile:


I would do a little re-design so you can do this:

No glue required.


Cool. Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately that trick won’t keep the glitter in place, lol. I have two pieces of acrylic sandwiching the wood design so I could add some floating glitter.

I will definitely try that for a different project.

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